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  1. Assume that most fathers accept the obligation to meet the needs of the next generation;
  2. Assume that good fathering is consistent with mens' healthy development;
  3. Assume that most fathers want to provide resources and opportunities for their children;
  4. Assume that most fathers love and care for their children deeply;
  5. Assume that most men have the capabilities to care for children in meaningful ways;
  6. Appreciate the varied capabilities that men bring to their fathering;
  7. Recognize that manifestations of generative fathering vary across time and context;
  8. Realize that fathering occurs in a context of constraints on fathers, mothers, and children;
  9. Engage in respectful, accurate, and constructive discourse about fathers and fathering;
  10. Identify the factors that lead to good fathering across culture and circumstance;
  11. Work to improve cultural and institutional supports for good fathering;
  12. Call forth and facilitate generative fathering from fathers;
  13. Care for the next generation in your personal lives.