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  1. Think of a unique way that you (or some father you know well) is involved with your (or his) children that is easily and often overlooked by professionals and researchers. Write about an experience that demonstrates this unique form of involvement and why it is important, and submit your story to us.
  2. Ask 3-5 friends, family members, or co-workers what their definition of good fathering is. Analyze their responses in terms of the 15 dimensions of generative fathering in this module. For instance, which dimensions seems to be mentioned most often in these individuals' definitions? Which dimensions are mentioned least often? Send a brief (about one page) "report" about what you learned to us via email.
  3. Take our Inventory of Father Involvement Questionnaire, or have a client, family member, friend, or co-worker fill it out. Analyze it in terms of strengths and weaknesses. Send a brief (about one page) "report" about what you learned as a result of this experience to us via email.