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  1. Think of an experience in which you or your father (or some other father you know well) demonstrated stewardship work in fathering (consecrate, create). Write about this experience and submit your story to us.
  2. Discuss the concept of stewardship work in fathering with a spouse, friend, or co-worker, including the challenges of the human condition that make stewardship work important (scarcity), the attendant needs of the next generation (resources and opportunities), fathers' capabilities and responsibilities (consecrate and create) and the intended results of stewardship work (responsible fathers and competent children). Send us a brief (about one page) "report" about what you learned from this discussion via email.
  3. The terms, consecrate and create, associated with stewardship work, are quite broad, and in professional and educational settings it is usually important to be specific. Drawing from your personal and professional background, make a list of six specific ways that fathers can demonstrate their capability and responsibility to consecrate and create for their children and the next generation. Send your list to us via email.